A PhD-student at University Tübingen and MPI Tübingen studying Machine Learning and Massively Parallel Computing with applications in Computer Graphics and Computer Vision. I did reviews for TPAMI, NIPS, CVPR, SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia.


Optimization in C++11 for C++, TensorFlow and Matlab

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A header-only c++11 implementation of common optimization algorithms and TensorFlow, Matlab bindings using Eigen3.

The MIT License (MIT) C++

Image Viewer

A scientific image viewer written in C++ and Qt accelerate by OpenGL. This supports multiple viewport which are synchronized when dragging and zooming one image.

GPL-3.0 C++


A webservice written in Ruby-on-Rails to manage university courses with exercise sheets. Students can upload their solutions for exercise sheets, which are automatically tested in Sandbox-Environments (using Docker&Resque). This is used in production for courses with over 400 attendees.

The MIT License (MIT) Ruby-on-Rails


An GitHub App with minimal permission requirements written in Golang to efficiently linting Python code as a self-hosted service.

Apache-2.0 Go, Python


A cluster monitoring system written in Golang to get a quick overview over GPU usage. It is exactly like nvidia-smi but for multiple machines.

GPL-3.0 Go

TensorFlow Inference

Boiler-plate code to run saved models from TensorFlow directly in plain C, C++ and Go.

Apache-2.0 C, C++, Go